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Welded Wire Usage in Arab Countries

It has been reviewed that welded wire mesh has been consumed at very high rate in UAE region during the construction of their major projects including, The Palm & Burj Khalifa.

Since then the rate of consumption is challenging the rate of production, new projects are taking the place of old ones very quickly. Welded wire mesh is mainly used in kitchen premises or store rooms to avoid the easy access of rats and other grain eating animal/ birds. Almost 90% or more of the buildings in Dubai consists of basements with lower ventilation shafts and this allows rats and cats to enter the premises of the building through the basement. So it is the perfect barrier to avoid this inconvenience.        


The Arabs backed by precious natural resources like crude Oil & gold reserves have never hesitated in dreaming impossible construction and have always achieved whatever they have dreamed of. I would like to start with the topic of building world’s largest sky scrapper. Similarly UAE has become the centre of tourist attraction from all around the globe. That’s the biggest reason behind never ending construction in UAE, as they always want to remain updated. To maintain attractive environment for the tourists and to flourish tourism industry of this region UAE government officials are planning very hard & high to exceed the expectations of its people.


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